Liste des REELS vus jusqu'à présent :

Reels :
-0001- The Limerick Lasses, by Matt Cranitch -Tocane 2000                                                                                                               

-0002- Blacksmith's reel,  by Matt Cranitch -Tocane 2000                                                                                                                       

-0003 - Jackie Coleman's reel, by Matt Cranitch -Tocane 2000    



the-limerick-lasses-blacksmith-reel-jackie-coleman-s.pdf the-limerick-lasses-blacksmith-reel-jackie-coleman-s.pdf


-0004- Toss the Feathers, ref. Kevin Burke "If the Cap fits"      

Toss the feathers 1 2 3Toss the feathers 1 2 3 (25.73 Ko)

        by Jean-Marc Jackson -JMJ

-0032- The Girl who broke my Heart, réf. Kevin Burke "If the Cap fits"  (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.100)

       by JMJ

-0005- The Monoghan Twig ,  (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.347)  , ref. Paddy Keenan Album "Poirt An Phiobaire"  

-0006- Lady Gordon's, réf. Tommy Peoples -Fiddler's Fancy: Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes Collected and Performed by the Irish Fiddle Legend

by JMJ

 by JMJ

monaghan-twig-lady-gordon-reels.pdf monaghan-twig-lady-gordon-reels.pdf

-0007- Bunker Hill, (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.405)    réf. Aogán Lynch -110 Irish Concertina Tunes 

     by JMJ

bunker-hill.pdf bunker-hill.pdf

-0008- O'Connell's Welcome to Parliament

     by JMJ


-0009 The Roscommon reel 

    by JMJ                                 

o-connell-s-trip-to-parlament-roscommon-reel.pdf o-connell-s-trip-to-parlament-roscommon-reel.pdf                                                                                                                                                         

-0010- The Big Leap,  or Rattigan's, by Siobhan Peoples -Le Bono 2010

-0011- Tommy Peoples'  , by Brendan Larrissey -Tocane 2000



-0012- Dowd's #9, ref. Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Contentment is Wealth

dowd-s-9-first-month-of-spring.pdf dowd-s-9-first-month-of-spring.pdf

( p.349 du Kingston Irish Tunebook)


-0013- The First Month of Spring, ref. Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Contentment is Wealth

 -0014- Reconciliation Reel, réf. Recorded by Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Contentment is Wealth

the-reconciliation-reel-1.pdf the-reconciliation-reel-1.pdf


by JMJ

-0029- The Colliers : Jig and Reel

by Lavish

Played by Lavish - 
(Marc Pollier : uilleann pipes, Jean-Marc Jackson & Christophe Quemener : violons,
Anne-Laure Baudouin : flute traversiere, Benoit Leroux : Cistre)

The Colliers -Pdf

-0035- The Matt Peoples'Reel by JMJ

-0033- Tamlin's Reel, (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.90) by JMJ

-0036-  The Floating Crowbar, et The Humours of Castlefin



     by JMJ

Réf.: Kevin Griffin, Eoin O'Neill & Quentin Cooper

-0034- Bag of Spuds and Matt Peoples's  by JMJ

- 0037- Martin Rochford's Reel   by JMJ   ( Kingston Irish Tunebook p.106 )

 et -0038-  Roll Out The Barrel  by JMJ ( Kingston Irish Tunebook p.370  Rolling in the Barrel)

- 0044 - Charlies Buttermilk

URL Sweeney's Buttermilk by Tergal14

  by JMJ

- 0043 - The Old Bush  (Page 335 du Kingston Irish Book )

 by JMJ

-0047 - Colonel Frazer

Sur Youtube :  Órlaith McAuliffe - Colonel Fraser's

 By Aidan Connolly-  Colonel Fraser

-0048- 0049  - Scotch Mary / The Wild Irishman (version2)  (p376 Kingston Book)

  by JMJ


-0056-0057-0058 - The Crib of Perches / Into the Woods / Johnny McGreevy's  

Référence Nathan Gourley, Laura Feddersen and Brian Miller


 by JMJ

 by JMJ

 by JMJ


-0065-0066  - Salamanca / The Banshee

  by JMJ

Slow Reel :

-0039- Rayleen's   -Composition Siobhan Egan  by JMJ     

-0059 -0060 - The Bachelor / The Flogging Reel

Référence Nathan Gourley, Laura Feddersen and Brian Miller

  by JMJ

  by JMJ


-0072 - The Glen of Aherlow Reel

  by JMJ

-0073 - Trip To Hervé's

by JMJ

  by The Whistler  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k46MM_g9A0g)

Partition pour ces 2 reels : Glen of aherlow trip to hervesGlen of aherlow trip to herves

Référence : The Glen of Aherlow and Trip to Hervé's by Michael McGoldrick and Gerry O'Connor 


-0079 - The Lady on The Island  ( p.450 du Kingston's Book)

 by JMJ

 by JMJ

-0078 The Bloom of Youth

  by JMJ


- 0083 - Le SET de Reels :   Palmers Gate (suivi par Roscommon / O'Connell's Welcome to Parliament...)

Palmer's gate

 Palmer's Gate by Marjella Bartley on OAIM