SET 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Les Reels Salamanca, The Banshee, Sailor's Bonnet

 by JMJ

Sur Internet on le trouve sur Youtube joué par Ian Walsh. (Jouant le Set Salamanca-The Banshee-The Sailor's Bonnet )

 by Ian Walsh

The Sailor Bonnet Reel

Lien Youtube : The Salamanca



SET 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

La suite de jigs de Patrick Ourceau The Goat on the Green et The Pipe on the Hob

 by JMJ

Vous pouvez le trouver sur youtube joué par Gilles Poutoux :

The Goat on the Green by Gilles Poutoux et sur le Kingston Book à la page page 177 pour The Pipe on the Hob



SET 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Les jigs  Rose in the Heather / Out the Ocean /The Geese in the Bog / Carmen's Amber

La version jouée par Stephen & Cathal Hayden - Rose in the Heather et que l'on trouve sur Youtube :

 by Stephen & Cathal Hayden

Et une version ralentie :

Rose in the heather / Out the Ocean /

   by JMJ   (C'est sur le Kingston Book à la page 202... -voir dans le Menu Irish Tunes Books)

The Geese in the Bog / Carmens Amber

  by JMJ


SET 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Le Set The Bachelor et  The Flogging Reel.                                                                        

URL >> The Bachelor (Hornpipe)

The Bachelor :

 by JMJ

The Flogging Reel :

 by JMJ


SET 5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels O'Connell's Trip to Parliament / The Roscommon

-0008- O'Connell's Welcome to Parliement

  by JMJ 

-0009 The Roscommon reel 

  by JMJ                                 

o-connell-s-trip-to-parlament-roscommon-reel.pdf o-connell-s-trip-to-parlament-roscommon-reel.pdf   



SET 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels The Glen of Aherlow / Trip to Hervé's

 The Glen of Aherlow by JMJ version sans ornementation

 Trip to Hervé's by JMJ

Partition pour ces 2 reels : Glen of aherlow trip to hervesGlen of aherlow trip to herves 

Référence : The Glen of Aherlow and Trip to Hervé's by Michael McGoldrick and Gerry O'Connor 


SET 7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels Charlies Buttermilk / The Old Bush

- 0044 - Charlies Buttermilk

URL Sweeney's Buttermilk by Tergal14

  by JMJ

- 0043 - The Old Bush  (Page 335 du Kingston Irish Book )

  by JMJ


SET 8 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels The Crib of Perches / Into the Woods/ Johnny McGreevy's

-0056-0057-0058 - The Crib of Perches / Into the Woods / Johnny McGreevy's  

Référence Nathan Gourley, Laura Feddersen and Brian Miller


  by JMJ

  by JMJ

  by JMJ


SET 9 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels  The Floating Crowbar and The Humours of Castlefin

Réf.: Kevin Griffin, Eoin O'Neill & Quentin Cooper

      by JMJ


SET 10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels  Bunker Hill        (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.405)    réf. Aogán Lynch -110 Irish Concertina Tunes 

    by JMJ

bunker-hill.pdf bunker-hill.pdf


SET 11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Slip Jigs  The Humours of Whiskey et  The Cotton Grass Flowers

-- 0024- The Humours of Whiskey

réf. Recorded by Altan, Frankie Kennedy and Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh: Altan

  by JMJ

--0025- The Cotton Grass Flowers,

  played by Paddy Glackin -Tocane 1998

humours-of-whiskey-cotton-grass-flowers.pdf humours-of-whiskey-cotton-grass-flowers.pdf


SET 12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hornpipes  The Plains of Boyle  et  The Flowing Tide

-0016- The Plains of Boyle  - (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.122)

   by Eilish O'Connor Tocane

-0017- The Flowing Tide  
Known as "Lad O'Beirne's" and composed by Ed Reavy

  by Eilish O'Connor  Tocane 

plains-of-boyle-the-flowing-tide.pdf plains-of-boyle-the-flowing-tide.pdf


SET 13 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels  The Monaghan Twig  et  Lady Gordon's

-0005- The Monoghan Twig ,  (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.347)  , ref. Paddy Keenan Album "Poirt An Phiobaire"  

-0006- Lady Gordon's, réf. Tommy Peoples -Fiddler's Fancy: Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes Collected and Performed by the Irish Fiddle Legend

 by JMJ

 by JMJ

monaghan-twig-lady-gordon-reels.pdf monaghan-twig-lady-gordon-reels.pdf


SET 14 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

JIGS   The Killavil Jig  /  The Lost Ring  /The Lilting Banshee

 -0026- The Killavil Jig

  by JMJ

-0027- The Lost Ring

  by JMJ

-0028- The Lilting Banshee

  by JMJ


SET 15 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reels   The Lady on The Island  /  The Bloom of Youth

0079-The Lady on the Island (p. 450 du Kingston's Book)

 by JMJ

 by JMJ

0078- The Bloom of Youth

  by JMJ