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-0015- Peacock's Feather  n°1   et n°2   by JMJ                                            

-Peacock's Feather n°1 et n°2 , réf.  Masters Of Irish Music : Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn

(Kingston Irish Tunebook p.133)

the-peacocks-feather-no1-et-2.pdf the-peacocks-feather-no1-et-2.pdf


-0059 -0060 - The Bachelor / The Flogging Reel

Référence Nathan Gourley, Laura Feddersen and Brian Miller

  by JMJ

  by JMJ

-0016- The Plains of Boyle  - (Kingston Irish Tunebook p.122)  by Eilish O'Connor Tocane

-0017- The Flowing Tide by Eilish O'Connor  Tocane   
Known as "Lad O'Beirne's" and composed by Ed Reavy

plains-of-boyle-the-flowing-tide.pdf plains-of-boyle-the-flowing-tide.pdf

-0018-1- Nellie, your favour, i'm afraid i'll not gain     

Réf. : Memories From The Holla, By Peter Carberry, Angelina Carberry And John Blake                                                                                     

   by François  Pourchasse

nellie-your-favour-i-m-afraid-i-ll-not-gain.pdf nellie-your-favour-i-m-afraid-i-ll-not-gain.pdf


-0040- The Drunken Sailor  by Colin Botts 



Drunken sailor part1Drunken sailor part1 (644.74 Ko)

Drunken sailor part2Drunken sailor part2 (351.32 Ko)

by Padraic O'Reilly


-0041- The Long Acre _Cuz Teahan's    (réf Kevin Burke & Ged Foley  "In Tandem")

 by JMJ